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Friday, November 16, 2007

How to clone a Linux VM - VMware

I had to create a new Linux virtual machine, and I wanted it to be similar to one of the existing Linux Servers (RHEL 4). A colleague of mine told to try the free software called 'VMware Converter'. It can create a virtual machine out of a physical machine. I downloaded it and gave it a try. But unfortunately it can convert only a windows based machine to VM. If you have a windows machine, it can remotely connect to that machine and create a VM for you, which would be like a clone of the physical machine (heard it takes a long time, perhaps running overnight might be a good idea). But I have to clone a linux machine, so what do I do???

Tried googling and came upon many options.

Says that experimental support available for Linux-based physical to virtual machine conversions using the Vmware Converter BootCD (cold cloning) if the source physical machine has SCSI disks.
Also read:

This blog explains how to do the above:
It is a bit complex and you have to do a few configuration steps to get the VM running.

2) Using g4l, Ghost for Linux

3) P2V instructions for Linux

All the above didn't seem quite viable. I tried creating a new VM using ESX Server, but when I powered up the VM it said "Missing operating system". I thought of cloning one of the other linux VMs in the ESX server, but you need 'Virtual Center" for that. Then suddenly the 'idea bulb' lighted and I remembered that VMware converter had an option to select a ESX server
as source. Voila!! so easy and I created a new virtual machine within a few minutes (took me just 10 mins)!!!

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