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Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to capture screen of Samsung Spica (or any Android Mobile)

Initially I used to struggle a lot with my digital camera for getting some screenshots of the Samsung Spica smart phone, but later learnt that it can be done very easily using the android SDK tools itself.

Following are the steps:

1) Download & install Android SDK

2) Connect your phone using the USB Cable. Make sure following settings are turned on:
USB Debugging : Settings -> Applications -> Development

3) Open "ddms" in \tools
eg: android-sdk-windows\tools\ddms.bat
DDMS =  Dalvik Debug Monitor Service

4) Your phone should now appear in DDMS as shown above. Select the phone, and then goto Device -> Screen capture (or Ctrl+S)

5) Use the handset to navigate to whatever screen you want a shot of, press “Refresh” and hit the “Save” button


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