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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Got booted and can't sign back in to yahoo messenger?

Last night I had the same issue. I was in a chat room and someone booted me. Chat window closed and I was kicked out of messenger too (Y! 9 Beta). Since then I am not able to login to yahoo messenger with my id or any of the aliases. Tried searching in google, found no solutions. Tried using Trillian ( and yahoo webmessenger (, still can't login, both just hangs for ever when trying to login. When I try to login with the yahoo messenger, it logs me in for a second and show the buddy list, but quickly flicker and log out and tries to login again and goes to the same infinite loop. Tried YahELite(, and it showed that someone is adding me as buddy and sending some variant, which I guess is exploiting some yahoo vulnerability. I tried reinstalling yahoo, and even logging in from a different machine, same issue. The same client works fine if I use a different yahoo id. Today I was able to fix it. In Internet Explorer, I cleared all temperory files, cache, cookies etc. Then in connection preferences of messenger, I changed it from "No proxies" to "Firewall with no proxies" and voila.. I'm in finally!! Hope it works for you too.... best wishes!

I hope yahoo will soon come up with some fix for the vulnerability... or your id is gone for a toss forever! All all the booters shall go to hell, Amen!


  1. i tried the firewall with no proxies setting... didn`t work, is there a solution to this?

  2. I tried the same...although I can log into my messenger, I don't have access to VC...

  3. ya, even I had trouble in chatroom. Finally uninstalled yahoo messenger, and "deleted the directory" as it has cached files etc. Reinstalled and now it works fine... try and let me know