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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Migrating Contacts: Nokia to Android

I was trying to migrate all my Contacts from Nokia 5130 Express Music phone to Android Galaxy Spica (I5700) and found that it is not very straight forward. Latest Nokia Suite doesn't even allow you to export contacts (guess they are concerned about too many people leaving to Android and want to make the move as difficult as possible!).

After some research and digging around found how to do it. Here are the steps:

1. Install the older version of Nokia PC Suite which allows to copy contacts as VCF files

2. Connect your Nokia phone via USB cable (preferably) and open Contacts

3. Select all the contacts (Ctrl + A), right click and 'Copy' or Ctrl + C.

4. Go to windows explorer and paste into a new folder - each contact will appear as a .vcf file.

5. You need to merge all these into one file to easily import into Google Contacts. Open a command prompt (Run -> cmd), go to the above directory where you copied vcf files and run this command:
C:\Nokia_Contacts> copy /B *.vcf all.vcf

6. Now go to Google Contacts and select More -> Import

7. Select the merged vcf and now all your contacts will be imported into Google. Configure this id in Android sync and these contacts will soon appear on your new Android phone. 

Don't you just love that your contacts are available on the web any time and is not lost even if something happens to your Android phone?!! And next time you buy a new Android phone, all you need to do is just configure your gmail id!

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