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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dash Cam G1WH Firmware Update

A Dash Cam is an invaluable asset when you run into an accident, like your insurance. It can provide critical information on how an accident happened and who is at fault. Apart from that, it may also record interesting things from the road like UFOs and funny moments :-)

There is a huge array of dash cams in the market with varying price and features. G1WH is a cheap Chinese cam which surpasses many leading manufactures in video quality, at half price or even less.

You can find heaps of reviews and praises online on this model:

There are currently 3 versions of G1W and mine is G1WH. It uses an all black case (more discreet) and has slightly wider angle of view (140 vs 120). All are based on the popular Novatek NT96650 processor and the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.

I was having some issues with this though. The build quality is ok, but not the best. The mount tend to become loose easily and cam may fall off on receiving quick jerks. Also it is not recording reliably (switches off automatically after some time) and this can be fixed by turning off Motion sensor and reducing the G-Sensor sensitivity to Low/Med. Some people also had recording issues with some Class 10 memory cards, so a Class 6 branded (Samsung/Kingston/Sandisk) micro SD card is best suited. Also be warned that there are many fakes in the market (eBay/Amazon). Better to buy from or

There are many firmware updates and custom firmware available for the G1WH model. The updates provides you more fixes and even new features like entering your license plate number to be stamped with date, higher bit rate etc.

Here is supposedly the newest firmware for G1WH. The default language is Polish, but you can change it via the menu.

It adds the following features:
  • Increased recording bitrate files (such as DVRs DOD) 
  • Polish language menu 
  • Added function car plate (not present in older versions) 
  • More stable operation 

My cam came with Firmware version 2014.0509, in case you screw up you can revert to it here:

NOTE: After updating firmware the menu button was not working for me. Same happened even after reverting to above 2014.0509. If same happens click on the camera button on the top (next to power) and then click Menu.

These are the instructions to update the firmware:
1. Download the firmware file to your computer
2. Unzip the file
3. Format your memory card in your computer (or unit)
4. Copy the bin file to the root of your memory card
5. Change the name of the firmware you would like to flash to FWDM800H (required as the G1WH will not update with bin files with names other then this)
6. Put card into camera
7. Power camera on (make sure the camera is plugged in)
8. The camera will update automatically.  The screen will stay off but the status light will be on; it will take 30-60 seeconds
9. After updating, format the card.

NOTE: Remove the firmware (.bin) from the memory card you would like to use or it will flash every time you start!


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