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Friday, June 18, 2010

Unlocking PSP 3003


Last week I had to help my nephew unlock his new PSP 3003. Here are the details, hoping it would help someone else too :)

First of all PSP 3003 is non-hackable (permanently). But still there are work arounds. There is a hack called ChickHen, run ChickHen and then load the cracked firmware in ChickHen (loading directly will brick your PSP), and after this you will be able to load games from ISO files. Else PSP will let you play games only from the UMD, meaning you will have to buy the original version of the games. If you unlock PSP, you can download games as ISO files, copy to your mem card and run from it.

Check here first whether your PSP model can be hacked and how:

Step 1 - Download & Install ChickHen
Follow the instructions here:

Step 2 - Run ChickHen
This is very tricky, it is quite hard to load the ChickHen. Most of the times, the PSP will just shutdown while loading ChickHen. I had to do the following to get it to load, after numerous unsuccessful tries:
1) Create two extra gifs (just copy any two gifs and rename to ChickHENe.gif, ChickHENf.gif), to the ChickHEN folder
2) I found this step from a video, couldn't find it in any website... 
   a) When you open the Images -> Memory Stick, wait till the thumbnail/preview come on the ChickHEN folder, before you open it 
      b) Open ChickHEN folder, scroll all the way to the bottom
    c) Keep doing left-right-left-right.... (flick the left and right controls) continously until it pause and loads ChickHEN

Step 3 - Download, copy and load cracked firmware (5.03 GEN-A/B/C)
Follow the instructions here:

Step 4 - Load the game ISO and enjoy!!!!

Note: This is not a permanent hack. If you shutdown (power off) your PSP, you will have to start again from Step 2 (Run ChickHen). So use stand by (instead of power off) and make sure you don't run out of battery completely ;-)

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