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Monday, February 06, 2006

System, heal thyself

Have you heard of Autonomic Computing? Not yet?! You need a lot of catch up to do pal; you are running behind in the world of IT. Autonomic Computing was inspired from the autonomic nervous system in our body, which reacts to most of the reflexes by itself, without always waiting for the control centre, brain, to analyze and take corrective action. Feel lucky that you are able to take your hand off that hot iron before you need to see smoke coming from your hand!

Autonomic Computing is a vision, a new path in Information Technology, aiming to build self-managing systems. As we climb up the technology ladder, juicing out more from technology applied to daily use, systems tend to get complex. Complexity increases administration costs and makes it more error prone. Most of the system administration tasks are mundane and doesn't need the much valuable time and effort of a technical expert. Think of a new world, where systems themselves take care of most of those silly errors, and will wake up the nodding admin if something is out of its control. Wow, what a beautiful world, isn't it?

If you still think I am talking about 2020, where robots would be walking around, does every work and you just need to press that blue button for a robot to bring your food, wake up! It is happening now, and everyone is talking about it, everywhere. IBM has released something called an Autonomic Computing Toolkit, which has tools and technology to make almost any system autonomic. The four main aspects of making a system self-managing is thru making it self-healing, self-optimizing, self-protecting and self-configuring (Self-CHOP characteristics). The Autonomic Computing team in IBM has even released two working scenarios, showcasing the self-healing and self-configuring features of Autonomic Computing.

Here is an introduction video on Autonomic Computing, by the leaders of this initiative. Find out why IBM ‘thought leaders’ believe autonomic computing is a remedy whose time has come:

If you are in orkut (google community), I found a group dedicated for Autonomic Computing there:

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dive into the world of Autonomic Computing:

May be you can learn by trying out something too. Here is the link to the freely downloadable Autonomic Toolkit:

Have questions? Here is the 24x7 monitored forum for all your AC queries:

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