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Friday, February 06, 2015

i3 NUC with Xubuntu intermittently freezing while running torrents

My NUC was flying and it was a great relief coming from a Raspberry Pi, which sweats if you do multitasking. I thought of setting up a torrent client on it. Suddenly it started freezing while I was watching a movie in Kodi (latest XBMC). It has never happened before. I checked CPU and RAM, both seem perfectly fine. I knew it was something to do with the torrent client.

Initially I thought perhaps multiple file access to the external HDD is the culprit and may have to eventually get an mSATA drive. USB devices are not very good with simultaneous access. Then I googled a bit to confirm my theory. But I was surprised to find out that the real culprit was the 1024 file descriptor limit in linux.

So I went to the /etc/security/limit.conf and added the following:
userId soft nofile 4096

And that fixed it. Now the torrents are downloading fine (earlier the torrent client used to freeze also). I can smoothly do other things like watching movies too.

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