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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The online photo album search!

I have a decent digital camera and have been looking for a while for a decent online photo-sharing site. I have been using yahoo photos for years, but sometime back yahoo decided that no body could see or download the originally uploaded hi-res pictures. Result, I have to now live with the low-resolution pictures offered by yahoo and all my original high quality ones is gone!

So I started looking for alternatives. I came across many options. I thought I would briefly list them with their limitations:

1) Flickr (

Flickr was bought by yahoo. It is a good service with privacy options and also allows others to post comments. But, the catch is the 20 MB bandwidth limit per month! That is too low.

2) Multiply (

Multiply is an all in one solution. It offers you a site, blog, photos, video, music, review, calendar etc. It even gives you the option to retain the original hi-res photos. But on further analysis, found that they will replace the hi-res ones with a low-res version if you don’t order any prints online for 6 months! Now that is not fair!

I will add more to this soon. I am trying out more options.

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