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Friday, September 08, 2006

ABC of Orkut

is the social networking product of google. In simple words it is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. You can meet new people, you can keep in touch with your friends, you may even find your long lost friends. You can also create or join in various groups/communities and share your ideas with similar minds. And the best part is, you get it all for free! And no ads too (yet)!

The unique thing about orkut is that, to join orkut you need an invitation from an existing member. This helps to reduce spammers or software bots who creates fake profiles for advertising or other misuse of the network. And with google’s take over, google is on a spree tightly integrating everything with google account, including orkut, blogger etc.

You can see a preview of orkut here:

Orkut login/welcome screen (click on pic to enlarge)

A sample orkut profile

An orkut group

How to join orkut:

Sorry, but you will have to find a friend of yours who is already in orkut. Once you get an invitation, click on the link, follow the instructions and create your profile. Search for people, groups and make your presence felt. Upload a picture and make your profile catchy.

A word of caution: It is better to avoid leaving your contact info like phone number, instant messenger id, mail id etc in the open for everyone to see. You may either set it to be seen only by your friends or you may choose not to give any at all. Another increasing concern is that the pics (especially of cute females) from the orkut album are stolen by the dating sites to create fake profiles for advertisement and attract more guys to their sites. You may perhaps not put many clear shots of face or perhaps you can engrave your pics with your name or say ‘orkut’ so that no body steals and use it somewhere else.

Orkut tips:

1) Did you know – your friends are listed in the order of recent login. Means, the one you see first in your friends list is the one who last logged in, and perhaps he is still online.

2) Others leave messages in your scrapbook, and you should post the replies in their scrapbook, not yours.

3) Scrapbook is open to anyone in orkut, so avoid posting anything of private and confidential nature, including your contact details. For such things, there is an option in orkut to ‘message’.

Will keep updating this, keep checking once a while!

1 comment:

  1. Orkutting may be the in-thing today, but the nightmare is fast catching up with complaints of harassment, sleaze and twisted psyche.

    The Deputy Commissioner added that cyber-rooms are never safe. "They are impersonal. People tend to do things in cyber world that they fail to do in the real life. As long as there is no personal information, it can't harm you."